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Money, Money Money...

I wonder if the current credit squeeze on both sides of the Atlantic will make finances for our students harder?

Petzi sent me this link to do with student finance in the USA.

One British bank (HSBC) has already stopped giving interest-free over-drafts to students - I don't know about any of the others.

I have heard a rumour, unsubstaniated but from an ex-teacher, that our own I-o-M government might be going to means-test its payment of student fees in future.

::waits hopefully for daughter to get job in future to keep me in a manner to which I would like to be accustomed, after all this pay-out for her education...!::


So England doesn't have free upper level education like Norway does? Somehow I always thought they did except for really fancy places. I'm apparently really out of it in that regard.

And yes, I assume my children will devote their lives to making me totally comfortable while they work their tails off. ;)
We used to. In my day we paid nothing for our tuition and, as my parents were not high earners, I also had a full grant of money for my living expenses.

Then the Conservative government introduced loans rather than grants for living expenses - and the Labour government(!) introduced fees for tuition, originally at a maximum level of £1,000 per year, now at a maximum of £3,000 per year.

This is the Labour government who would be encouraging young people of all ages to go into higher education, and the same Labour government who keep complaining about young people being in debt....

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