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An Update on the French Saga

Many thanks to everyone who came up with advice or 'it'll be fine' comments. They were all appreciated.

The situation is still as it was. What's changed, is that we've now heard from our son's contact at the university. His response has been along the lines of, 'Don't worry, your accommodation is booked.' When our son forwarded the email received from the accommodation company to him (which said there was none free), his response was, 'It's all a misunderstanding. Your accommodation is booked. Don't worry.' 

Tellingly, what he hasn't offered to do is to actually speak to anyone at the accommodation company. Or provided any information on where it might be, or when it might be available. He's convinced that they'll be in touch. We're down to less than three weeks until his welcome meeting. 

We've heard (unofficially) that the accommodation company has had its annual closure but is back today, so we've agreed to wait and see if something magically appears tomorrow. If, as we fully expect, it doesn't then he's going to forward his contact's emails to the accommodation company and see what they say then. And if that fails, then we've still got a hotel booked, and we'll revert to plan B.

On a positive note, our daughter got her A level results today and she's very happy with them, and with the fact that her first choice offer has now been confirmed. Just as well, really, as I suspect that any more stress might have proved too much for my sanity!

I'll update again if we get something definite.


Hurrah for your daughter! Where is she going?
She's going to Sussex to study Maths. So she'll be close to the seaside!
Results Day makes me very glad I'm an escaped teacher!

I'm sure things will go smoothly for your son now the admin people are back at work. It is generally hopeless to expect the French to sort much out in early August - they really do believe the world will end if they don't all go to the same resorts at exactly the same time of year!
Thanks. I hope things go smoothly, but I can't say I'm terribly hopeful at the moment. We'll see what happens next week!
I'm glad about your daughter. For certain, you didn't need stress there, too. I hope you hear concerning your son soon.
Thank you!

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