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Moving Out

Well, it's happening. The first little bird is leaving the nest. I've been going back and forth between "how can I miss you if you don't go away" to "my baby is leaving!". It's wearing me out.

My mind, my heart knows that its time. He's almost 20. He's been staying at home to save money while he earns his paramedic degree. He hasn't been very interested in moving out until....wait for it....he has a new girlfriend. And I won't let him have sleepovers. So there ya go.

I still have the 17yr old at home and he's a junior so my next won't be completely empty.


It's amazing how good it is when they come home to visit. And how you get to enjoy the quiet and the sense that your stuff stays where you left it.

It's really not that bad at all - although they do tend to expect food when visiting. Just make it a rule that you will happily feed him - but laundry is his own responsibility!

Mind you, if he is only moving out because of the girlfriend either keep his room ready, if you are happy for him to come back at anytime, or re-arrange it quickly...
Each child is so different. Our son was easy going, helped around the house, and had no problem with common courtesy. He stayed home during his college years, and it was good for everyone.

Our daughter chafed at being asked where she was going and when to expect her back home--things even I, several decades older, felt as though I should tell the family when I left the house. She left home to stay in the dorms during her college years. The summer she lived at home between her graduation and finding a job was long and uncomfortable for all of us! We had different expectations.

We cried when our son moved out. We cried when our daughter moved out, too, but they were tears of joy! :D I joke. I think.

They are both happily employed over three hours drive away. We see them on a monthly basis and talk frequently. We're so proud of them.
AWWW. It's a great time and a sad time. It really is good for them. Some things they just can't learn until they have to fend for themselves (why it has to be that way I don't know - it just is). For example, my daughter simply couldn't get to class on time without me dragging her out of bed in the morning until she was no longer at home and just like that she gets everywhere on time and even understands the bus system better than me.

Smile - you've done what was needed to be done, you've gotten him to the point that he feels he can do it himself. Remember how excited you were when he first fed himself? This is just a variation.

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