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notes from a small island

curiouswombat in whirlybirds

Money, Money Money...

I wonder if the current credit squeeze on both sides of the Atlantic will make finances for our students harder?

Petzi sent me this link to do with student finance in the USA.

One British bank (HSBC) has already stopped giving interest-free over-drafts to students - I don't know about any of the others.

I have heard a rumour, unsubstaniated but from an ex-teacher, that our own I-o-M government might be going to means-test its payment of student fees in future.

::waits hopefully for daughter to get job in future to keep me in a manner to which I would like to be accustomed, after all this pay-out for her education...!::


Nursing students in our state are given the opportunity to have a portion of the final two years of their tuition reimbursed if they sign up with a sponsoring hospital and contract to work for them for two years.

If a student knows where she wants to go, it's a marvelous way to get a degree with little outgo. Our daughter doesn't know where life will take her and is considering letting that money pass her by. She is paying her own way, so we are trying very hard not to interfere, but it seems a shame not to take advantage of such a sterling opportunity. It isn't often in life one is offered a substantial amount of free money!
I think it is a good idea too. Two years gauranteed work as a staff nurse in a familiar hospital is more a bonus than a big weight to carry, I reckon.

In Britain nursing students are treated slightly differently to ordinary ones - many of them get a bursary and so do not have the overwhelming debt when they qualify - but the bursary is not big.
My daughter was looking at a government job that would help her pay for loans (she's studying international relations) but the follies of this administration have soured her on the idea. I hope she'll think again, because we need motivated people to rebuild some of the damage.

I don't think they realize how much that money means until they're out on their own.

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