The Helipad.

Where parents can keep themselves grounded.

The Helipad
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Primarily a support group for parents of teenagers who are at, or starting college/university.
This community is primarily a support group for parents whose teenaged offspring are leaving home for college/university.

It is called The Helipad, and the members Whirlybirds, from the concept of 'The Helicopter Mom'.

Helicopter parents either hover over their offspring at all times, or come flying in to school/university etc. to 'rescue' them from essay dead-lines, sniping flatmates, inability to use a washing machine etc.

'Whirlybirds' because we are likely to be mostly female, and all of a whirl about the offspring.

Young people with helicopter parents are often derided by their peers!

So this is a community where you can worry, rant, whinge, panic as you see fit, whilst not leaving the Helipad.

Practical notes - other parents who have already been there are very welcome - we will need you to hold our hands. Also welcome are parents with younger teenagers - your time will come! Comments from anyone are welcome - especially those who can answer our worries from the other side - those of you who are still in, or have not long left, either further education or your teens!